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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

Our priority is online distance education

The availability and flexibility of our distance learning program allow you to plan the necessary amount of time to study. Now you can study whenever and wherever you want. Students can expect from UII the best international tutors who have extensive practical experience.

Best three innovative approaches of our University:

  • Full-scale use of the flexible module system. We create convenient training schedule to every student personally. Our students choose priorities in the training program, the training period is managed by themselves.
  •  Real understanding of labor market needs. We give not just a diploma, but good job opportunities in management and information technologies.
  •  Wide use of IT solutions in educational programs. We provide knowledge in the most progressive areas of modern finance, marketing and IT-management.UII – UK online University, that helps you to get quality educationUII – UK online University, that helps you to get quality education / PD