Six videos that will make you fall in love with London

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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

London attracts international students not only with top-level universities but also with modern culture and high quality of life in British society. That is why the UK capital has become a symbol of success and prosperity. But there is no doubt that people love London for its beauty.

University of International Innovations picked for you the best videos that show the greatness and beauty of the capital of the United Kingdom:

  1. You can walk through the streets with this Story of London timelapse:

  1. A Short hyperlapse – Welcome to London

  1. And this A Day In The Life of London will not leave you indifferent

  1. The Square Mile City, inspiring:

  1. And here we have an unprecedented London: hectic and quite, chaotic and ordinary, austere and licentious…

  1. The last one – London Aerial Footage

UII offers distance learning programs in the UK based on hybrid system: at the end of each module students have the opportunity to visit London to consolidate their knowledge and meet with lecturers.