Study in Britain: 7 things you need to know before studying in the UK

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Each of the prospective students who intend to study in the UK faced anyway with myths about studying in British universities. The Web is filled with stories about the strange habits of Britons and warns foreigners of the specifics of this country.

Online courses in the UK is one of the new trends in modern education
Your university should assist you in obtaining a visa / Mauricedb / Flickr

If you still hesitate what to choose – online education in the UK or the traditional university, UII will tell you what you need to know before you go to study in this country

  1. Always ask your advisor or agent the exact amount of the cost of your studying period. Then call him back and check it again. This is a mandatory rule, because the full amount you spend for the stay in the UK is much higher than University fees. You should understand that whoever happens on your hard way for education in UK dream, want to earn on you. Of course, you can get higher education in the UK online, but it is another story.
  2. It is always hard to get a UK visa. If you are not a student from the EU, you will face the total complexity and unpredictability of the British bureaucracy. Note that you don’t need a visa for UK online courses. Keep in mind that your university should assist you in obtaining a visa and provide the relevant documents to support the visa procedures. We are often asked: how to get a visa to the UK? We answer – just follow the requirements of the consulate and be honest. This is the only way.
  3. No matter how old you are. The UK education system is so developed that everybody from everywhere around the world will find here any courses for all ages and abilities. The British government is well aware that education is an important filler budget so it provides thousands of education officials and departments. And if you are very clever in your subject, you can be sure you become successful here, regardless of age, race, gender and financial support.
  4. Language barrier is real. But only if you never saw any English films and never listened English-speaking singers. So if you just make a try, you will learn this language shortly. Please, note that your university may ask you to take a test to proof your English language skills. And don’t forget about visa – officer or consular representative can check your understanding of language basics during application procedure.
  5. It is possible you will not be ready to understand British humour after arriving in the UK. It’s hard to describe, but every citizen of the United Kingdom is joking really very special. All you can do is to deal with it. If you are lucky, over time you will begin to understand the British sense of humour, and by the end of studying you will be able even to joke with a little sarcasm and incomprehensible to foreigners phrases.
  6. Notice, that UK higher education programs are shorter than in other countries. If you want to become a bachelor you have to study only three years in the UK (so you have to if you want to get a bachelor’s degree online). You will have to spend one year to complete a master’s degree. Is it good or bad rule? On the one hand you will start your career sooner, but on the other hand you will have less time to enjoy your student life. Distance learning online is the best choice if you don’t want waste your time.
  7. The UK is known for its bad weather. Foreigners think it always rains here. Actually that’s not true. The rain is a must for typical British week, but not for every day. You know, people in London are joking: if you do not like the weather, wait for 5 minutes. It is a fact that weather in the United Kingdom is very temperamental. But you will get used to it soon and “cold and rainy” forecast become a routine for you. So if you are confused while talking about rain and cold weather you can stay home and get an online degree in the UK.

    The rain is a must for typical British week
    Raining cats and dogs means it is raining very heavily / Judith / Wikipedia