Why the UK education is top rated all over the world. Explained

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High-quality education has long been a symbol of the Great Britain. It is believed, that this is the best choice for young people who want to build the perfect career. At the same time, many students see in the education in the UK a chance to get a permanent residence in England.

UK online education is a tool that give you the inspiration and freedom
Online courses in the UK can prepare you for the career of your dreams/Jason James via Flickr

So why British education is considered a benchmark all over the world? Let’s take a look at this issue:

– One of the biggest advantages of the UK higher education is leading positions in world science sector. British universities have the best scientists and experts from around the world. Students are encouraged to implement their own ideas and to think independently and extraordinary. UK universities will help you develop critical thinking, to become a real decision-maker and to develop your personal creativity.

Statistics show that the British specialists are the most cited scientists in the world. In addition, they are world leaders in the number of scientific articles. That is the fundamental advantage of education culture in the UK. Modern science nourishes universities and enable them to develop new top-courses and give student new skills, which have no analogues in the world.

More than half of the studies conducted in the UK universities are marked with the top grades in the industry. You have to know that four of the eight best universities in the world are in the UK. Polls show also that nine out of ten students, who are studying in the UK, are satisfied with their education. Finally, the United Kingdom can boast of having produced more than a hundred Nobel Prize winners.

Education in the UK is highly valued by top world employers. Universities provide career-focus courses, and if you want to be prepared for careers in large international companies or start your own business, you will find thousands of different educational programs. According to researches, corporate employers around the world find graduates from the UK the most successful employees. Thus, a global survey of 27,000 employed graduates showed that in the top ten universities for corporate sector every second is British.

One more reason why employers value the skills from the UK universities is that the future career is put in the center of the learning process. More than two thirds of British companies work directly with universities. This may be a good opportunity for those foreign students who want to stay and work in the UK after being educated. Many courses in the UK are developed in partnership with business and focuses on particular industries. Students get a real experience for a future career while studying: you can get an internship as part of the course.

The advantage of the British system of education is that it has a modular structure. This means that you can create a custom course by choosing different subjects. Therefore, students can learn at the same time more than one subject area. Many courses are configured for part-time and distance learning education. It is fact that online courses in the UK is gaining more and more popularity.

– Great Britain is a foreigners-friendly country. The government provides equal rights for everybody, regardless of their native country, culture and religion. The UK has 100% multicultural society, so international students will be easy adapt here. So that the advantage of education in the UK is that you have a chance to become a real citizen of the world with an international outlook and a good knowledge of English. Many students from abroad became postgraduates and then professors at universities, making a higher education in the UK a unique international science system.

More than half a million foreign students from all existing on the planet countries are studying in the United Kingdom. Together with those who came to the UK to learn English, number of foreigners in the British education system reaches a million people. Moreover, that number is growing fast, especially when we talk about non-EU countries.

Being a student in the UK is comfortable due to campuses, all kinds of sports in each university, student associations and support from tutors. The education system in this country is built in that way that the student while studying can feel as comfortable as possible. According to recent surveys, over 90% of foreign students appreciate the support services in universities. Incidentally, the research showed that graduates of UK universities could expect higher wages compared to graduates of other universities around the world.

Summarizing, the education in the UK have a perfect scientific basis and focuses on the professional development of each student. Along with the favorable conditions that created a government for foreign students and proficiency of British universities these advantages, make education in the UK top rated all over the world.