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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

If you’re looking for graduate study abroad, according to UK education standards University of International Innovations can offer your this list of programs: Management of Companies; Marketing Management; IT Management; Project Management.

Courses from our University meet all the requirements of quality UK distance learning practices. Thanks to professional teachers and automated educational system you will get the best skills in following subject areas:

  • Basic principles of the company management;
  • Theoretical and practical skills in business problems solutions;
  • Methods for the operational team management;
  • Modern approaches to business analysis;
  • Market indicators analysis and financial reporting;
  • How to delegate your authority and responsibilities in large teams;
  • Calculating key performance indicators and bonuses/fines;

With diploma of UK online university you will be able to use information technologies for the analysis and calculation of the financial performance of your company as well as each unit in your team separately.

At least one module in our international student programs is dedicated to business risk prediction and calculation of the future financial indicators of your business. Together with UII team every student will learn how to evaluate the economic potential of his company and how to control the dynamics of business development.

Central to every PM is proper reporting – that’s why University of International Innovations teaches you to use statistics and accounting to control the processes. Also, during practical modules you will get the practical instruments for the analysis of the competitive environment. Please, read more about Bachelors, MBA and Second Degree programs.

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