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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

The philosophy of education in the UII is based on the best practices of the British and European education. We select lecturers very carefully so that they will provide you only with relevant and interesting courses in management and finance. You will be able to see a short bio of the lecturers and  the list of their achievements before the start of program.

Study in Britain is simple with our tutors from around the world: personal manager and tutor is helping our students during the learning process. Support Service operates 24/7 and helps students to solve any of their problems: from a forgotten password to the program rescheduling.

The whole team of the University works to improve the learning process and to give to our students the high-quality European education. We are also working in the way to ensure our staff qualification with every student’s request. Every lecturer, tutor or support-manager put the student at the center of their job.

Due to the automated learning system, you can ask any questions online or by phone, and quickly receive an answer from our Educators. We appreciate and support every student and help them to successfully graduate the University and find a good job in the UK.

Study in Britain is simple with our tutors from around the world
You can ask anything your teachers and tutors online or by phone /  Ragesoss