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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

University of International Innovations provides students with a continuous support. Any your concern is first of all our task. We have assembled a professional team of tutors around the world to quickly solve your issues and help you during whole learning process:

Peter RieferPeter Riefer (United Kingdom) achieved Bachelor’s degree in Media Economics and Master’s Management Economics in Germany. Peter is PhD candidate at Experimental Psychology in University College London and has three year tutoring experience in statistics.

Alex CazarPhD Alex Cazar from the United States of America is an expert in Finance. As a Master of Business Administration he will support students with passing our MBA courses. Alex speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin and French and is familiar with banking, treasury management and investment analysis.

Ivo RadulovskiIvo Radulovski from Bulgaria with amazing digital experiences is CTO, Digital Strategist and Drupal Expert. He covers area of Information Technology and will help you with building websites, strategic innovation and technology Entrepreneurship.

Celso Castro ValmonteBS Mathematics, Master in Arts Teaching Mathematics, Master of Philosophy in Mathematics Education (UK) with Qualified Teaching Status by Cambridge Partnership belongs to Celso Castro from China with almost twenty year experience in a role of tutor. He will help UII students as a Math expert.

George KimaniIf you think that study inline is hard for you, George Kimani (Bachelor of Applied Science) from Kenya will help you to understand all the topics in Economics and Mathematics. Last two years he is a tutor and also has an experience at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Gian Luca Scappini

15 years in financial services in companies across all Europe and Master of Science in Economics allows Gian Luca Scappini from the United Kingdom present UII courses as a perfect tutor for students, helping them with Macroeconomics, Business & Management, International Business and Business Statistics.

Mariam Paytyan

Statistician and Financial Modeling Specialist Mariam Paytyan from Armenia has Master’s degree in Physics and Economics. She will also share with students her particularly strong skills in mathematics, statistics and finance. Mariam is a MBA with consecration in finance and has more than five year tutoring experience.

ashwani aggarwal kumar

Everything starting from Algebra and Geometry and ending with Finance and Economics will covered by Ashwani Aggarwal Kumar from India. Six years of his experience teaching Mathematics and Statistics will help you to pass all courses properly and with a big interest to subject.

Michael Gad

Our distance learning programs are full of interesting tests so you will need an advice from Michael Gad (Egypt) who has six year tutoring experience. He is an expert in Market research and Marketing strategy and provides best practices in pedagogy from American University in Cairo.

Dr Sumesh S Dadwal

Academician, Researcher, Business Analyst and PhD in Management Sumesh Dadwal from the United Kingdom is an expert in E-Learning and speaks Hindi, Punjabi and English. His impressive 20 year experience in business & academic research, teaching, educational quality management in wide range of business and healthcare subjects will help you to get the maximum benefit from the course.

Irshad Ali TunioMaster in Economics with USA education from China Irshad Ali Tunio has over 14 year teaching experience so you can be sure he will explain in details everything you want to know about Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Business.

Touhid Hasan

Touhid Hasan from Bangladesh is ACCA member and has Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting. As a Certified Accounting Technician (UK) with two year tutoring experience he will help students to better understand accounting and management.

Ahmad AliAhmad Ali (Pakistan) is Bachelor of Commerce and Chartered Accountant. He is an expert in accounting and taxation with 4+ year experience and will help our students to pass the courses without any problems sharing his skills in mentioned areas.

Chirag ShahBusiness Coach and Strategic Consultant with 13 year experience Chirag Shah from India has a rich experience in business coaching in the areas of job services, health companies, eCommerce, investment banking, start-ups, financial planning and business development.

Dr. Sajid Khurshid

When your teaching experience reaches 22 years you are indisputable expert to help young students all over the world to get excellent knowledge. So that  Ph.D, MBA, Master in Computer science, Master is Information Technology Sajid Khurshid from China will help you to find a direct way to success in fast-growing and prospective area of IT.

Each tutor in the UII is trained to work closely with students. He helps the student to go through the learning path and selects the tools to successfully reach the finish line of distance learning program. So they will do exactly the same as the first tutors did 500 years ago in Oxford, when this profession appeared first in the British education system. Our tutors have reach experience in and perfectly understand how to study in UK.

Why is this working?

This practice is the key to successful learning, because many students can’t find the strength to form a training schedule and to follow it on time. There is no difference in taking project management courses UK or distance MBA programs: self-discipline is the most important in any case and that is why tutors are designed to monitor the educational process.

Moreover, tutors and support managers constantly monitor student’s activity and performance and in case of any issue they contact students right away to predict the problem or inform about coming deadline. There is a live chat and assistance forum for registered students on our site. So you always know how many tutors and support managers are online at this moment and who exactly is processing your question.  If you’re looking for distance courses UK, please contact our support team here.

Tutors have reach experience in and perfectly understand how to study in UK
Our tutors will help all students with their modules and exams