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University of International Innovations

A1211 Tower Hill Street

London, United Kingdom

University of International Innovations offers applicants best courses from international lecturers in Management, Marketing and Information Technology. Thanks to UII you can get a higher education course or study MBA in UK. Modern teaching practices will help you to become a true professional and get a bachelor degrees online in the UK. Additional education opportunity is a low price of UII online courses.

Simplicity, accessibility, quality and innovation are the main advantages of our UK online courses
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Key Online University Programs:

Project management

University of International Innovations provides best practices of higher education in the UK and allows you to become a project manager online. Want to study abroad? We can offer you an offline module in London or other EU cities after passing online exams. Simplicity, accessibility, quality and innovation are the main advantages of our courses in project management. In just six months, you will possess the best tools as a manager and will be able to manage professional teams.

IT management

One of the most popular courses now is IT management. Our graduates in this direction will get a profession that is very popular in the UK labor market and all over the world. After passing all the exams, you can efficiently control production process and provide a product in the field of IT. We teach you to assess risks, manage the team and build relationships with customers. UII course in IT-management allows you to communicate as equals with software developers, and with solid business representatives.

In both cases you can be sure that lecturers will give you best theoretical and practical training. As a manager you will learn how to prepare terms of reference for the projects of varying technical complexity, prepare documentation and organize your perfect team.

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