Why I chose paid courses on management, while the Internet is full of free education

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Hello, my name is Joshua, I’m 18 and I was born in Nigeria. I finished school in Spain, where my parents stayed in their search of a better life. Since I live in Europe, I realized that the best investment in your future – is your education. So now I am actively seeking a university where I could get a higher education.

The problem is that I work in my father’s electronics store. I can’t go anywhere from our small town for long time because I have to help my parents. So I decided to seriously explore the online education. It’s easy and convenient, because you form yourself your learning plan and a list of needed courses.

I decided to seriously explore the online education
Sometimes I think that I want to study abroad / PD

After long days of searching, I decided that I wanted to get a diploma in the UK. This country is known for its education throughout the world, and the British diploma is valued by employers. Because in the future I want to be a manager, I chose management courses. Later I figured that such courses can be absolutely ­­free, for example, on Coursera.

Of course, it’s good for me as a student when there is no any fee for courses and I can get knowledge in appropriate way. But throughout my web searching I faced a problem that some employers require a document that confirms candidate’s skills – a diploma. This led me to the University of International Innovations, which is offering a higher education diploma in management after passing the cheap online courses.

So at the moment I am preparing a short list of documents and together with my personal tutor we are forming my learning plan. I have an aim to study online in two or three days a week to not be distracted from work. After three years, I’ll have a bachelor degree online in management! This is important, because if I want to have a job in a big international company – those free courses from the Internet will be not enough.