Why studying full time in traditional university is a past?

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Hi, my name is Mohamed. I am 24 years old. I want to tell you a story about how I quit my university. Yes, it is not a joke. I really want you to read my blog and decide for yourself: what is the most important thing in your life and your career. We are losing the best years of our lives for that we may not be necessary at all. I understand that the majority of young people around the world do not know what opportunities are opened up to them in the era of new technologies and the Internet.

So, as a 20-year man with a high level of enthusiasm I entered the university, I had chosen financial department. My parents were saving the money for my education for years. They thought that without high-quality education I have no future. They worked very hard and I really appreciate this.

The benefits of studying online in the United Kingdom are endless
Online courses are great choice if you want to get the UK degree / Patrickneil via Wikipedia

While studying at university I began to notice that teachers asked students to read a lot of books at home. Much more tusks and exercises were provided online. A basic practical course I had to take alone in front of my computer. Most lectures at the university were limited to the discussion without any practical experience. We were talking and asking some questions and usually had no time to get an answer for all students questions and to start doing exercises.

Just imagine: a group consists of 15 students, we have one hour to learn ten paragraphs of one topic. If each student will have one question for each item, instead of one hour, we will explore this topic all day long. That’s why I often had to spend nights in the library trying to understand a particular subject.

Then I started to use more public courses and free books online. It helped me both – in theory and practical classes. Then I started to use special web-forums to figure out what I’m learning and acquainted myself with students from other countries. We discussed various interesting topics, shared ideas. Together we were solving the exercises in finance and economy. Then they told me that they want to start their own online business. I refused their offer, saying that because of university I have no time.

I have not talked to those friends ever after. But since then I started to think whether I need to spend the best years of my life in full-time education at the University. Every day I was feeling limited more and more by university schedule. I had started to study subjects in advance. I was just interested to hear simple and sometimes inappropriate questions other students.

Several months before the end of the corporate finance course, I have worked remotely as a part-time freelancer in a large international company. It was first small earnings, but the most important thing I realized is that I’m doing really interest and practical tasks at this job. And I received the most valuable experience in my life due to this job.

I already wanted to leave my university because I was invited for a full time job in my company. But I was not doing this because I could be ashamed of parents who spent a lot of efforts and money to ensure that I could have an opportunity to study at the University.

Fortunately, my university was quite progressive, and two years before the end of my studying, I have changed the format of courses to distance learning courses. Now I am finishing this process at a convenient time for me. I can learn a few topics over the weekend, while in full-time course I could pass them with other student in the group for at least a week. Now I work in prestigious international companies and earn well. And I do not need to spend my time every day from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. everyday in the University.

If I was asked by other prospective students to give an advice before entering the university, I would have said that the main point is to know what you need in life. If you want to get practical knowledge now or as soon as possible to open your own business, you don’t need to spend five years at the university. You can choose online courses and learn when and where it is comfortable for you. The life we ​​have is only one, so please do not waste it on something that do not give you a real satisfaction. Fortunately, the newest technologies in the Internet and modern distance education approaches provide an opportunity to get a degree online anywhere and anytime. You just have to want it. And to know what is your final aim in your education dream.